Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Book Review - The Grimm Chronicles

Title: The Grimm Chronicles
Author: Isabella Fontaine and Ken brosky
Pages: 333
Published: August 3rd 2012

200 years ago, the Brothers Grimm unleashed their stories upon the world. Literally now the characters of the Grimms' stories walk among us. With every day that passes, they grow more evil. They are the Corrupted, and one a hero can stop them.

For 18-year-old Alice Goodenough, that means taking precious time off her summer vacation. In addition to volunteering at the local library, Alice must stop the Corrupted who are now actively hunting her down. With the help of her magic pen and her trusty rabbit friend, the world has suddenly gotten a lot more complex. The Corrupted are everywhere, and only Alice can see them for they truly are.

Review: This is a book that is totally worth reading!

I looked really forward to read it when I first got it, it seemed like an fun story to read. And I couldn't stop reading it when I first started, it was so amazing.  The whole plot is fantastic and yeah, I really liked that book. 

The main characters were really good, Alice and Briar were so thought through . Alice was awesome and just like that type of characters I like. She was down to earth, and when she started to see the big talking bunny Briar she thought she was crazy. She acted like any other normal person would do, and that was great. Alice wasn't helpless, she could defend herself and she kicked asses. Briar was so funny and smart, he said so much funny and he was so lovable. I will totally give him a big hug if I ever get the chance to. 
The whole idea about putting the Brothers Grimm's stories into a book and making it so complete is just genius. I love it and I feel like a kitten who have just eaten a tons of candy and is constantly cuddle with (that's ultimate happiness for me). The characters had many funny comments and the book was filled with humor and action.

I hope this review describe my feelings for this book. I would recommend this book to everyone, even though I know that some of you might not like it as much as I did. But still, give the book a try!