Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Review: Lucy In The Sky

Title: Lucy In The Sky
Author: John Vorhaus
Pages: 328
Published:  April 23rd 2012

The review is posted on Goodreads: Review: Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky is a great coming of age book, and it gives some insight as to what life was like in the 1960s. Everything is mainly ''mom and pop smalltown USA'' kind of nonsense, but in the flip side of the coin, there is the hippie movement that is chalk full of all the stuff your mother warned you about.
(Summary from Goodreads)


Lucy in the sky have a slow beginning. It was parts I didn't understand and some parts that were just confusing. So I have to admit I used some time on it. The whole first half was slow to me, but after that, things started to happen. Some action, that made my stomach freeze and funny twists. I really enjoyed the last part and I finished it within two days.

John Vorhaus's writing style was special, sometimes the book had this magical tone, that hypnotized me, but at some parts it was just random. I found some parts funny and my heart jumped several times too. Vorhaus wrote the book in first person and I personally thinks he did a great job. I normally do not prefer first person, but this book was okay with it.

This book takes part in 1969, when Beatles were big and being a hippie were popular. Beatles came out with the song 'Lucy In The Sky'  that are a description of how being high, something that was common in the Hippie community.

Lucy have to be my favorite character. She is funny, smart and perfect, but she has her flaws. She also have a dark background, the reason why she is who she is. Gene was okay, I liked him. He had a lot of questions and he adore Lucy. He was smart when it counts, but sometimes he just seemed so dumb. I'm glad Lucy learned him a few things.

All in one, this book was okay in the beginning and GREAT at the end.
I will give it 4/5 stars;