Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Book Review: Xor

Title: Xor
Author: Moshe Sipper
Published: 2012
Pages: 296

On his twelfth birthday Lewis Nash comes home from school to find that his house has blown up to smithereens, killing his father. Having lost his mother in an accident for years earlier, Lewis realizes he is now an orphan - but he has no time to dwell on it. The moment he gets off the school bus a fearsome wolf-man tries to grab him. The boy is saved in the nick of time by Master Long, who reveals to him that he's a Shaper from a place called Xor, which is being devoured by Realm Pirates. Lewis learns that he must do his utmost to become the powerful Shaper he was destined to be.

Because, it would seem, he's the one and only chance Xor has.


I have mixed feelings for this book, did I like it or did I not? I will start with the good parts.

The plot in the book is fantastic, I really like the whole 'Saving Xor' Idea. Also the action in the book is good, but sometimes it reminds me of a children's book. For give an example, with the monster in the mountain problem; I had imaged a cool fight or something, but everything turns around to be easy peasy to solve, and then everyone is saved.

My favorite character must be K'Bol, he is just awesome and funny. I like the fact that we get to know everyone's thoughts, we get to know the characters much better then. Sipper's writing style is good, the book is well-written and have a hint of humor in it.
Of course I liked our main character Lewis, but something was just wrong. He's 12 years old, his father did just die, he is a Shaper and he's like 'Yeey, let's save Xor!'.

The stuff that I dislike with this book is that Moshe Sipper explained to much, and I couldn't keep track with them. I ended up understanding less, then I did when I started. He also compared a lot of his explanations with video games, and that was smart, if the book is meant for children. Teenagers and grown-ups understand a lot more, we don't need to get everything explained.

To conclude, it was a okay book, a little hard to get through. I will recommend it to children and not young adults.