Saturday, 7 July 2012

Book Review: Paraglide

Title: Paraglide
Author: Peter Anthony
Pages: 212
Language: English
Published: January 9th 2012


For siblings Jim and Erica Winters, a summer vacation to London promised adventure and a bit of freedom for the overprotective mother. But once they arrive, they end up with more excitement than they bargained for. Their mother is kidnapped and her captors demand the one they can't produce - their long-absent father.

Unable to trust the authorities, Jim and Erica set opp in pursuit of their father, racing across Europe and fending off mysterious assailants. As the trail of clues dries p, help arrives in form of a raven-haired beauty. Is she the answer to their prayers or a romantic distraction?
With the kidnapper's deadline looming, the truth about their father's shadowy past is revealed. In a last ditch effort to save their mother, Jim and Erica must climb high into the Swiss Alps where a perilous choice confronts them. Can they trust their father who has repeatedly betrayed them?


Children travelling around the world? Mystery, action and romance? Agents and a blue-eyed scary freak? Please let my read this book one more time!

Paraglide is a fantastic story about Jim and Erica, that has to travel the world around searching for their father   and help their kidnapped mother.

The plot in this book are wonderful. You follow Jim and Erica, and Anthony is really good at switching between who's thoughts you get to hear. The author describes everything easy and understandable. I wished for more action, more fights and more love, but anyway this book was great without and this is one of the must read books.

Anthony uses a language that are easy to understand, this is a book for both children and young adults. It's really exciting and I felt my heart jump sometimes. He knows how to bring the main roles feelings to you and when you first start to read this book, the you can't stop! One night I read to 2 AM and I finished this book in four days

Erica was my favorite character, she was so full of live. Her comments was hilarious and she was super smart. Jim was okay, I felt that we don't get to know him well enough. One character I really disliked was Reeno, it's just something about her that says that she is not trustworthy. We get to know the characters well, but one thing that he didn't gave us and that was the inner thoughts part.

I think I had a least five conclusions, but they all turned out to be wrong.

The twist in the end was beautiful and unexpected. This book is strongly recommended, and I really hope that Peter Anthony will write a sequel.