Monday, 18 June 2012

Book Review:The Dragon's Eye

Title: The Dragon's Eye
Author: Corey Guerra
Pages: 209
Language: English
Published: Unknown

Dive into an ancient world of Fael-wen; a land where humans, dragons, elves and other creatures roam. Meet Makayla, a druid in training who is plagues by dreams about a treasure from long ago. As she struggles to balance her training and the dreams, she'll find that there is more to her than she ever knew. Along the way Makayla's dedication and loyalty will be tested and she will find help where she least expects it. In the end Makayla will discover that in order to succeed, she will first have to believe in herself.

The story revolves around Makayla and her bad dreams. (The bad dreams about the dragon's eye and the burning city.)

At first I was a little confused, I was wondering what a Giadi or a Kedo was, and also had a lot of other questions. I'm that kind of person that easily gives up on books that don't give me the answers fast. But do not give up! Guerra gives you the answers when the right moment comes.

The whole story are very good, the plot was wonderful. It is very enjoyable how the story switches between characters, it gives you a better map over the whole situation.

Makayla is a very likable person, the strong female type. She speaks very formal, but she can remind us of a little girl when her love comes around. Actually the whole book are very formal written, I got the feeling that I was reading a school book, but the characters can say things that makes you laugh your guts out.

Corrin is very lovely, funny and wonderful, and absolutely my favorite character! Alis is great too, but I got the grown-up feeling about her. The formal language she use, makes her come across as boring. She was kinda pain in the ass, sometimes.

Dragons are wonderful creatures, maybe the best fantasy animal that were ever made up.That is one of the reasons why I loved this book.

I really hope that Guerra will write a sequel, with more dragons!! (and Makayla of course)

I will give this book 5 stars.