Monday, 16 January 2012

Book Review: Tunnels

Name: Tunnels 
Author: Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams
Pages: 464
Genre: Fantasy
Age: Young adults

Although Will lives in a normal house in a normal suburb, there is nothing normal about his life, notwithstanding his hobby; his family is more than a little unconventional. His mother does not interact with the family, only the television to which she appears to be addicted. His father seems only interested in his hobby so it is down to Will's younger sister to keep house and home together. Will is similarly focused only on his hobby and his friendship with Chester participating in Will's digging escapades.

I didn't read the book, when I first got it, because I didn't find it interesting. It looked boring and wired. But then I changed my mind, and gave the book a chance. And I have to admit I was wrong, the book was good. 

It started out quite boring, the only thing they did was digging. But later the action change into mysteries and excitement. I couldn't stop reading it! 
You think you know everything, but then you realize that everything is a big fat lie! And the end was wonderful! I really loved it! And it caused me to bye the nest book without hesitating. 

I will give this book 5 stars